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With over a decade of experience specializing exclusively in mold remediation, IAR has the knowledge, experience and specialized equipment to eradicate the problem from your property and life. Our professional, industry-certified team provides you with efficient and discreet service you can trust. We communicate with our clients throughout the remediation process with updates and photos.  When requested we bill your insurance company directly.


Indoor Air Repair and our experienced technicians are industry certified in mold remediation by the IICRC, IAQA, and ACAC. We provide long-term transferable warranties for mold remediation projects and to date have not had a claim. We achieve significant air quality improvement through the use of Environmental Protection Agency-registered products as well as green products in conjunction with environmentally safe protocols. We also offer preventative mold treatments that are particularly beneficial in unconditioned areas such as attics and basements. 


Water damaged structures must be thoroughly and properly dried within 24-48 hours, or else risk likely mold growth. For emergency water intrusions we specialize in quick water extractions and accelerated drying using state-of-the-art equipment and processes. Our objectives are to rapidly dry the structure to avoid costly tear-outs and reconstruction as well as secondary damage such as mold, and to get your life back to normal faster. Our industry-certified technicians utilize a five step drying process to help diminish the severity of the damage, reduce the length of time the homeowner is inconvenienced, and minimize the scope of the rebuild.


Our firm and technicians are IICRC-certified in Water Damage Restoration and we offer water damage services and structural drying as a core service. At IAR, we understand that like mold, flood damage of any magnitude is an unpleasant circumstance so our goal is to promptly and discreetly render service while keeping our clients in the loop. We also offer direct insurance billing in cases where appropriate.

Water Damage Restoration


We’ve never had a warranty claim. The products used are guaranteed effective
and are supported by cutting-edge technology and scientific expertise.


No one expects to discover water or mold damage at their home or business. Locally owned and operated, Indoor Air Repair responds to the unforeseen around-the-clock with prompt, courteous and personalized service. Whether the issue is water in a finished basement, mold in an attic or individuals with allergic symptoms in their home or workplace, we are committed to calmly and thoroughly resolving every issue on time, within budget and with minimal disruption.

Nearly 90% of our business is referred by home inspectors, realtors, environmental consultants, insurance agencies and remodeling companies that have known us and our project outcomes for over a decade.


Indoor Air Repair proudly serves the Chicagoland area, including Lake, Cook, DuPage and McHenry Counties. Call or email us today to get our knowledge, experience and equipment working for you.



“Indoor Air Repair provided timely and quality service in a very professional manner and at a competitive price. They were very forthcoming on providing information, answering all my questions, and they did a phenomenal job. They also provided helpful tips for preventing mold in the future. I highly recommend them for professional mold remediation.”

- Christina

“I have used other mold remediation companies with mediocre results but IAR has knocked it out of the park on every remediation – from small to very large and complicated projects. Quick response and willing to work weekends and evenings to accommodate individual condo owners. I consistently receive positive feedback from our owners who feel they’ve received 

personalized service by very competent technicians. No one wants to receive an “M” complaint but I don’t sweat it anymore. THANKS IAR!”

- Gary

Condo Board President

Vernon Hills

“My husband and I wanted to express a heartfelt Thank You to you and your technicians for your professionalism, courtesy and scheduling the remediation ASAP (which happened to be a Saturday). The first night after you remediated the attic our asthmatic eight-year-old daughter Katie slept through the night without coughing. Her energy level is sooo much higher and her allergist has taken her off all but one of her medications. I appreciate your thorough removal process and use of eco-friendly products which literally repaired the air my daughter is breathing.”


- Karen



“Just a brief note of appreciation for accomplishing this short notice, take care of the mold issue today, close tomorrow situation. Both my seller and the buyer were very anxious about the mold and the tight timeframe. Indoor Air Repair worked during the weekend, passed the inspection with flying colors and escrow closed on time!”

- John



"Lovely experience with Carol Chapman and the field technicians -- fast, friendly, quality work -- at a time of great anxiety over our water damage and mold issue. I would not only use them again but I did. After our second flood they removed the drywall in the same areas they had treated for mold five years earlier. The 2x4’s in the wall looked great but other areas were clearly molded and required remediation. This time I went a step further and had them apply a preventative mold treatment on the new drywall, a concrete wall and part of the subfloor. I have a thirty-year warranty and I know they are good for it. I would grade them an “A+”.

- Margaret



“We are writing to say thank you for a phenomenal job and quick turnaround time! You are very knowledgeable and courteous and we value your opinion. Your staff was prompt, conscientious, thorough, clean and pleasant. It is tough, in this day and age, to find people whom are honest, who stand behind their work and have integrity and we count you as one of those people.

- Carrie 


Buffalo Grove

"Our newly finished basement flooded during a torrential storm and I was beside myself. Indoor Air Repair arrived at 9:30 pm to pump out the water, set up dehumidifiers, fans and pump air into my walls...Because of their quick and thorough response my new carpet and drywall were saved. Our insurance adjuster said there is a science to drying quickly and properly and our mitigation was a textbook case. I love these guys!"


- Maryanne



"I am very happy with the whole experience I had with Indoor Air Repair. The estimate was done on a speedy basis and the company was flexible enough to schedule the mold remediation itself for a Saturday. The technicians were knowledgeable, thorough and courteous. Their bid was very competitive. I highly recommend Indoor Air Repair for the quality of their mold removal work and for their excellent customer service."  

- Susan


Lake Barrington

"We wanted to express our gratitude for being so responsive to the needs of our house and our nerves during the flood and no electricity last month. Your “Rapid Response Team” was respectful of us and our home. The team kept us well informed and you have our utmost confidence in the quality of your services. Several of our flooded out neighbors still have a musty smell in their basements. Thanks for preventing mold!" 

- Heidi 





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